Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thinking food

Today at work one of the other interns asked me if I'm a health nut because we were discussing the kinds of food we like to prepare and eat, and I talked about how I feel really uncomfortable choosing processed foods. This got me thinking. I don't believe that I'm a "health nut," but I definitely think hard about everything I eat.

I've developed a food philosophy based on trying to maximise the amount of nutrition I take take in for each portion of food that I eat. I avoid empty calories and try to incorporate the "superfoods" that contain a variety of things my body needs in order to balance my diet. I don't calorie count and I don't focus on making sure I get a specific amount of meat/fruit/bread/veggies/etc.

On the other side of my philosophy is the fact that I really enjoy eating and I want every bite to count. I try not to eat things that don't satisfy my palate, and this keeps me from over-indulging and snacking on candy bars. I prefer to use high quality, fresh ingredients and prepare them myself. Not only does it taste better than package food, it doesn't contain all of those chemicals and preservatives that make me feel crappy.

So, I'm decidedly not a health nut because I do give in often and eat delicious food that is not particularly healthy with no remorse. I'm just especially aware of what I put into my body and how different foods make me feel, so I adjust my diet accordingly.

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Terry said...

Ha! It doesn't happen very often but when the cookies come out that means nothing but trouble!