Monday, April 28, 2008

We laugh, we cry, we sing

Q once cited these to me as the three truths of life in such a casual way as to strike me as extremely profound. I recall her telling me that she was quoting Tagore, but when I questioned her about it some years later she had no recollection of saying it to me.

As promised, here is a picture of the azaleas in our front yard.

On Saturday I went to an all-day singing in York, PA. We sang in an old quaker meeting house with white walls and wooden benches, the doors and windows open on all sides to let the breeze through. It was a small singing (maybe 40 people) and the parts were a little lopsided, but it was thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless. The food was abundant and delicious as always, and we sat outside on a blanket to eat. I got to lead twice, and I chose 274t and 384. I'm finding that it's the most fun to lead songs that I know by heart (which is still few) because it's easier to make eye contact with the other singers.

I spent the rest of the weekend with K&K hanging out in Baltimore. What a great city! On Friday night we wandered around Fells Point and then had dinner in a great seafood restaurant with N&J (rockfish with crab and wasabi sauce, mmm). The harbour is beautiful, and it's the last area in Baltimore that still has cobblestone streets. After dinner we had gelato then went to Tyler's to see another friend from singing play. He sang and played guitar with the country swing singer and a great fiddler, and it was so good! It made me want to go home a practice more...

I just have 2 weeks left at my internship. It's bittersweet--there's a lot of work to do before I go and I will miss my new friends very much, but I'm looking forward to being home again. Next weekend we're moving J into her new house, and I think I will stay there with her for the last 10 days before fly home.

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