Thursday, April 23, 2009


Things I've done recently that make me feel joyful (because today I feel like I need a reminder):

Jumping on a cold spring morning, and taking a picture that makes the front page of flickr's Explore (and is currently sitting in the #2 spot out of all photos uploaded today).

Putting art on my walls. Mostly it's my own art, some photos and some paintings, and it inspires me to continue making more.

Getting my taxes finished under the deadline and sharing orange slurpees with my roommate to celebrate.

Hanging out alone in the CCE archive, digging through boxes and discovering treasures.

Drinking tea and reading Mary Oliver's poetry with Sergei curled up on my lap.

Riding my bicycle as fast as I can on the trail along Saskatchewan drive so that my eyes tear up from the wind.

Composting, recycling, and realising that I now live in a home where every day is Earth Day.

Practicing yoga in the warm, orange, sunny studio at the Yoga Loft, surrounded by friends.

Playing music and singing with friends.

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