Thursday, April 16, 2009

Things I'm enamoured with:

The North
I love the idea of the Arctic. Stories about the Klondike keep my absolutely rapt. Today I picked up a book called The Klondike Quest by Pierre Berton and I'm so taken by the photos of men (and a few women) who tried their luck trekking through great expanses of frozen land only to find that their camp had disappeared under 50 feet of snow when they return, and other such stories.

I also love the idea of the seasons in the North. I hope some day to experience the thrill of the first sunrise following 6 weeks of dark...

I'm not sure why, but I eat up everything I can find about contemporary China. For years now I've been deeply fascinated by their politics and economy and culture. Mostly I read magazine and newspaper articles, of which there are no shortage. It all just seems so magical to me, the scheming and control and planning and the way the people react to it all so positively in many respects.

I have five lamps in my bedroom. I have to skip past the lamp section during my Ikea visits with my gaze to the floor or else I risk coming home with two or three more. I love how different lamps create different types of light, and how I can combine them to get it just right.

Jump shots
As in photos of jumping. They are so fun to shoot, and I love how each shot is totally different from the one before it. I like them all, from the stills where the subject could be floating up or just suspended, to the ones with lots of blur and motion.

There are many more things, but now it's bedtime. Tonight I'm enamoured with my warm flanel sheets, pillows, hudson bay blanket (that's a whole other story because I'm deeply enamoured with the idea of the Hudson Bay Company as part of Canada's history), and a warm kitten curled up on my legs.

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Nora said...

Have you read The Cage by Audrey Schulman? It was so great and so scary! It seems like it is right up your alleys ...the Arctic and photography!