Tuesday, May 20, 2008


... is one of the great joys of my day. I know that everything is going well in my life when I am consistently able to make and eat a healthy, satisfying breakfast each day. For the last 6 or 7 months my breakfast of choice has been 2 eggs (basted), and apple (gala, chopped), a cup of tea with milk and sugar, and sometimes cinnamon-raisin toast with peanut butter or nutella and/or a fried tomato. It depends on how hungry I am and how long I have to go before lunch.

My old favourite breakfast was balkan-style yogurt with cheerios and blueberries, but now I can't digest the lactose any more so I had to say goodbye to yogurt. I have also gone on french toast and pancake kicks here and there. Coffee and pancakes with fruit salad is such a satisfying breakfast on a Sunday morning.

I've thought a lot about the rituals in my life, because I've never really made a conscious or spiritual effort to include any in my day. I've discovered that there are some rituals that I rely on for structure, without which I feel quite lost. Breakfast is one of them: I start by putting on the kettle for my tea, then heating some oil in the frying pan. When the oil is just the right consistency, I carefully crack in the eggs (if the yolks break I don't enjoy them as much) and add the tomato. I pour the water over my tea and chop the apple. When it's all ready, I read the news and check in on my favourite blogs while I eat. I will forsake all other parts of my morning preparations to make time to have breakfast. It just always gets me started on the right track for the day--giving my body and my mind fuel to tackle the day's challenges.

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David said...

Wow, that sounds and looks wonderfully satisfying!