Monday, May 19, 2008

Great Graffiti Hunt

On Saturday I evening I walked down across the high level bridge and around Garneau for a couple of hours, photographing as much stencil art and graffiti as I could find. Anyone who has spent time in downtown Edmonton or Old Strathcona will recognise these pop art images, found on dumpsters, walls, transformer boxes, and various other common surfaces. Most of my favourite images from summers past have been painted over now, but it's startling the impact they have left behind.

The famous stencil image of the bird and the words "listen" have been transformed by many new artists in hand-drawn renditions, paper appliques of various sizes, and all sorts of parodies. Sadly, I could only find one of the original stencils of this image on my hunt, but there were a variety of new images. I particularly like the "I spent my $400 on spray paint" reference to the Klein government "dividend" payments.

Check out this awesome video that Chloe shared on Facebook. It's a graffiti short film, and it's incredibly impressive.

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