Tuesday, May 6, 2008


It has been an eventful few days here. On Thursday I took the usual trip out to Baltimore for singing, then stayed over with K&K for the night. On Friday morning I did a little work, then played Debussy and Bach for several hours. We went downtown for Flower Mart and lunch, then K and I ran errands and walked in a bigbig park. Flower Mart was interesting... there were not a great lot of flowers, but there was a hat competition. Baltimore is such a great city! The streets are paved with cement that has coloured glass bits in it.

On Saturday we went out to Boyce, VA for the monthly Northern Shenandoah Valley singing, then back to the Del Res' for visiting and more singing. The evening was filled with tearful goodbyes, but hopefully I will be back soon to visit.

Sunday was moving day. J's new house is awesome! It's in Greenbelt, a co-op community on the outskirts of DC, and it's so treefilled and friendly and relaxed. I'm very happy for her, and even though the commute is long and expensive, I'm glad to be living here with her for the end of my stay.

I go home a week from tomorrow. It's exciting and sad at the same time...

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