Friday, May 16, 2008

Hola from Edmonton

I'm home safe, and getting settled in. Thankfully, the warm weather has followed me home and spring is going strong. My flights were hassle-free and early, both. My hair is cut and styled, and I'm feeling quite good. Missing my DC friends already, of course, but keeping busy to distract myself.

One of my goals with this return is to attempt to look at Edmonton through new eyes. My feelings about it while in DC were largely that it's isolated and sort of barren (having left from living downtown in winter). Yesterday morning I walked down to the legislative grounds to begin my exploration, and I wandering among the budding trees soaking in the warm sun. It is interesting that the legislative building, which seemed so big to me as a child, is literally dwarfed by most buildings in DC. However, it's beautiful and you can walk right up the front steps and go inside unbothered.

Spring here feels a little more special than anywhere else I've been because it lasts for such a short time. In just a few weeks summer will be fully upon us, and the trees have only just begun to turn green. I plan to enjoy every moment of it.

This morning I'm planning on going for a walk in Goldbar Park. This is where we scattered my Grandpa's ashes, and I have fond memories of it as a child.

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Sarah said...

Hi Jessica! It's neat that you're back home. It seems like you had a blast in DC! Let me know if you wanna come & visit me & Jason sometime!! :)