Friday, February 1, 2008

Coffee Thoughts

I follow Judith Warner's NY Times blog pretty closely, and I just finished reading this fantastic post. Please read it!

My strongest memories of coffee represent some of the few warm memories of Aaron that I keep close. The ritual of making the coffee... grinding the beans, boiling the water, steeping it until it was just right, and slowly pressing down the plunger in the french press we always used. On special days we would use the stovetop espresso maker to make small delicious cups. Then we would sit at the table and read together or chat about something one of us had read. It was easily the time that he smiled the most in a week, and the times that I can say I felt truly happy with him.

Whenever I breathe in the smell of fresh coffee it takes me back to those moments. Even though our marriage was turbulent and painful in so many ways, the coffee gave me something to hold on to and treasure.

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