Thursday, February 14, 2008

New York: Chapter 3

After tea we went back to Lex's place and napped for a bit, then we went out to Pete's Candy Store in Williamsburg for some drinks and music. We picked this bar because the music was free and it was in walking distance.

When we got there, Bob Wiseman was just setting up. We were a little unsure of what it would be like. It was a very involved stage setup for such a small room (only seated about 14 people or so) and he was wearing some odd clothes. However, the show turned out to be excellent! He's a filmmaker and singer/songwriter and he accompanied his films as they were projected onto a screen on the stage. He's going to be in Edmonton in March, and I highly recommend checking out his show!

Also, he toured Europe with Feist, who he met in Cafe Mosaics!

The second performer was Jason Trachtenberg, who I wasn't so fond of at first, but who really grew on me by the end of the set. He did a great version of "She Loves You" in addition to several of his own songs. I guess he normally tours with a family group that makes music based on slides of strangers that they pick up second hand. Pretty neat idea, I'd like to see the full show sometime.

All in all, it made for an excellent (and cheap) evening of great entertainment!

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bob said...

thanks. odd clothes? obviously you are still from edmonton :) it was nice to talk with both of you.