Monday, February 11, 2008

New York: Chapter 2

After dinner Alexis and I went to a great little bar called Burp Castle. This bar is monk themed, with beautiful murals on the walls. There are little signs all over that say things like "The monks value silence," and if you talk too loud people shush you! We giggled and "shhhhhed" a lot.

After Burp Castle we went to a different bar and drank more, but I was kinda drunk by that point and now I don't remember what it was called. After that I think we went home and slept soundly and drunkenly.

On Saturday we got up and ate breakfast at Egg, it was delicious. Then we walked to the farmer's market and I met some of Lex's friends who work there. After that we went and walked in central park for a couple of hours, which was totally fantastic! The park is big and beautiful even though it's winter.

After the park we went and had tea and scones at Alice's Tea Cup, which was absolutely lovely.

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