Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Silly Viruses

I am quite sure that there is some virus attempting to invade my body. So far I'm not too sick, and hopefully the imbibing of much orange juice today will stave off the invasion and leave me healthy for my trip to New York this weekend!

On another note, I finally caved and bought a new iPod today. Terry gave me puppy eyes because he's sad to see me give up on the iPod he bought me for x-mas 3 years ago, but it was time. This new one is great! It's small and green and holds twice as much music. I named it Krunkteef.

I also bought an album by Yael Naïm, who did the song for the MacBook Air commercial (with the laptop in the folder). J and I were listening to her online on the weekend and I decided she would be the perfect present for Krunkteef. I definitely recommend the album.

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