Monday, January 21, 2008

Holiday Monday

Ahhh, lazy Monday.  Today is Martin Luther King Jr. day (and, incidentally, 50% off day at Value Village).  I've done little today... shopped at bit, lost a scrabble game, cleaned the floors.  I bought a copy of An Equal Music by Vikram Seth, one of my favourite authors.  I've read this book before; it was given to me as a gift.  However, as with most of my favourite books, I gave it away to someone I felt should read it and haven't seen that copy again.  I hope it was passed to someone else when he finished reading it.  Seth describes music in such a profound way.  He completely describes my experience of it, even something as simple as warming up on a scale.  Also, it's about the second violinist in a string quartet.  I love that.

I bought two other books for $0.40 each (a steal, really).  Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi and Shadow Theater by Fiona Cheong.  Both look to be excellent reads.  I'm so excited to finally have time to read novels again for the first time in years!

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Jo said...

I have heard about this book but never got to read it. Shall buy a copy soon.