Saturday, January 12, 2008

Unnecessary luxuries

Today I bought a chef knife.  I shouldn't have, I know... it was $45 and I'm on a budget.  But cooking with the wrong knives is just not as much fun.  It's so sharp!  And the handle is the perfect shape for my hand.  It's a great knife.

I also bought wine at the Safeway.  Benziger Sauvignon Blanc for $10.  TEN DOLLARS.  So cheap for such good wine.  This was a good day.

I bought an alarm clock today too.  When I got it home I learned that the time is set automatically according to time zone, with a switch for daylight savings.  However, there is only the option for Pacific, Mountain, Central, or Eastern Standard Times.  What about Newfoundland?  Or if I plan to travel with it overseas?  Or if I were the type of person who likes to set my clocks fast?  What a silly design that it doesn't let you change the time on it.

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