Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday evening

Today I did almost nothing. I was out far too late last night, and slept all day to make up for it. J and I watched two movies this evening and I ate boiled potatoes and cauliflower for dinner. In spite of these uneventful events, I'm in a wonderful mood because tomorrow we're going to a singing. I've been without singing since June and I'm so excited to make some music again!

Yesterday afternoon I left work early (with permission of course) and went to the American Indian Museum. I just loved it there! Their three permanent exhibits were so exciting and full of life. There was lots of interactive technology and lots of videos of interviews. They really gave the impression that the exhibits were being presented in the words of the people they were about while captivating my attention and my senses.

Afterwards I met up with J's friend David and went to the Kennedy Center to see a local afro-funk band called Chopteeth. They were playing on the Millennium Stage, a performance area built into a lobby where they put on free shows every day of the year. Wow. What an incredible building. I have to make a point of going to see the NSO while I'm here. Maybe I'll be able to get a cheap student ticket in the gallery...

Tonight I will sleep with sweet dreams of music.

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